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Defending Fathers' Rights in Family Law

Fathers are just as important to their children as mothers are, and that means that fathers need to be treated fairly in the family law process. At Hall Law, we understand that the family law system can be difficult to navigate and that making decisions about your family can be stressful. With 20+ years of experience, we are here to help you navigate the process and advocate for you and your children.

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Understanding Fathers' Rights Under Texas Law

Fathers have the right to ask the court to modify child support or custody arrangements. The law also protects the right of a father to have a relationship with his children.

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Equal Parental Rights for El Paso Fathers

Fathers in Texas have the same rights as mothers in a divorce and custody case. This means that fathers can request a parenting plan that allows them to have a meaningful and active role in raising their children.

Additionally, Texas law provides that:

  • Fathers have a right to receive notice of a divorce case
  • Fathers have a right to be represented by counsel in a divorce case
  • Mothers must notify fathers of a pending adoption

Fathers can also ask the court to modify child support or custody arrangements.

Comprehensive Legal Support for Fathers in El Paso

Our firm can provide experienced and personalized representation in the following areas:

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