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Because circumstances change and life happens, your needs or means may have evolved, which can influence your ability to adhere to the terms of your divorce decree. If you are seeking to modify a previous divorce order, Hall Law can be trusted to help you protect your best interests and develop a solid legal strategy. Our firm can help you petition the court to modify spousal maintenance, child custody/visitation, and/or child support terms.

Known for being compassionate advocates for our clients, you can trust our team with your case, because:

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Post-Divorce Modifications | Reasons You Can Modify a Court Order

Legally, either party can file to modify their divorce decree if they have experienced material and substantial change in circumstance (or their child has) or both agree to the changes. If the parties agree, they can file a petition with the court together. However, spouses that do not agree will have to file separately.

A material and substantial change in circumstances in either party or their child’s life can include relocation, the loss of a job, or a debilitating accident. For instance, one party may seek to modify their child support agreement if their child suffers a catastrophic injury in an accident. Because of the child’s medical expenses and additional needs, the custodial parent may need additional support.

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At Hall Law, we understand that your family needs or means change, which is why you may seek to modify your post-divorce order. Whether you need help modifying your child support, child custody/visitation, or spousal maintenance orders, our modifications attorney is here to help you.

With over two decades of legal experience, our attorney can provide you with the tools and support you need to make informed decisions and develop the best case possible. No matter which side of the case you are on, we treat our clients like family and are dedicated to helping them smoothly navigate their cases.

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